NDC and T-Mobile sign momentous MOU on diversity, community investment, and low-income wireless services ahead of planned merger with Sprint to become New T-Mobile

The National Diversity Coalition (NDC) CEO Faith Bautista signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today with T-Mobile US CEO John Legere on behalf of the New T-Mobile, the combined company that will be created pending the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. The MOU outlines the mutual goals and commitments that NDC and the New T-Mobile share around diversity, community investment, and delivering wireless services—including 5G—to low-income consumers. Legere will continue to serve as CEO of the combined company.

The MOU is the result of active talks between NDC and T-Mobile while the merger is being reviewed by federal and state agencies. Specifically, the two entities discussed ways to collaborate, along with other community groups, on a number of initiatives focused on serving low-income communities and expanding the company’s planned diversity initiatives.

In the MOU, T-Mobile agreed that, following the merger, the New T-Mobile would establish an External Diversity and Inclusion Council that will be comprised of non-employees from the African American, Asian, Latino, Native American, and LGBTQ communities, as well as persons with disabilities and women. The Council will advise the New T-Mobile leadership on developing and implementing its Diversity Strategic Plan.

Furthermore, T-Mobile affirmed a commitment to diversity among its board and workforce recruitment of the newly created company. With direction from NDC and the External Diversity and Inclusion Council, the New T-Mobile will increase its goal for annual diverse spending in California to at minimum meet the California Public Utilities Commission’s target of 21.5% total spend with diverse businesses (40% when excluding spend on handset and network manufacturers).

As part of the agreement, T-Mobile also doubled down on its track record of seeking out and serving low-income and underserved consumers by agreeing that the New T-Mobile would develop a Community Investment Plan that will outline its philanthropy and community development initiatives for the new company. Part of this investment is the Community Wireless Initiative, which will expand and improve wireless capabilities in community centers, churches, and other areas throughout California to benefit low-income communities and underserved populations. This includes making wireless devices available at low or no cost to school children or districts eligible for free or reduced lunches, as well as to community organizations serving areas with limited wireless access.

NDC CEO Faith Bautista said the MOU “demonstrates T-Mobile’s commitment to best practices in corporate social responsibility and earns them the opportunity to prove that their proposed merger with Sprint would bring value and benefit to consumers throughout California.”

Continued Bautista, “NDC looks forward to a great partnership with T-Mobile that will set a new standard in collaboration between community-based organizations and corporate America.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with NDC and collaborate with them as we build on New T-Mobile’s commitments to diversity and inclusion, providing wireless accessibility and investing in communities,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile and New T-Mobile CEO. “The New T-Mobile is all about bringing value and accessibility to everyone – particularly underserved consumers and their communities. We look forward to delivering on that promise as we build a new 5G network that will offer coverage, speed and capacity across the entire country.”

About the National Diversity Coalition
National Diversity Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization comprised of community, faith-based, and corporate leaders spanning the nation’s African American, Latino, and Asian American communities and united under a new definition of diversity that reinforces greater opportunity, empowerment, and financial equality for underserved and minority communities. Together we work with corporate and government leaders to advocate for greater opportunities in homeownership, access to capital, and small business and job creation for all people. For more information: https://nationaldiversitycoalition.org/

Faith Bautista
Chief Executive Officer
National Diversity Coalition President & Chief Executive Officer National Asian American Coalition
Email: faith@nationaldiversitycoalition.org | fbautista@naacoalition.org
Mobile: (650) 892-8469

Jin Sung
Board Chair
National Diversity Coalition Founder & Executive Director Oasis Center International
Email: jin@nationaldiversitycoalition.org

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